Getting Started

This guide will walk you through setting up your wallet with Atlantean. This is essential for trading via Atlantean.
We have NOT issued any tokens and currently have no plans to do so. Please be vigilant against potential scammers.
During the beta phase of our Atlantean Trading Bot, we will restrict user access to an initial limit of 100. Subsequently, we will expand this limit to 200, followed by 500, and continue to increase it in stages thereafter.
To kick things off, enter “/start” to the Atlantean Bot. On the subsequent screen, you'll have the option to either recover your existing wallet or create a fresh one using Atlantean. It's generally a good idea to set up a new "temporary" wallet rather than using your primary one.
When you create a wallet, make sure to save this mnemonic phrase OR private key using pen and paper only. Do NOT copy-paste it anywhere for your own safety. You could also import it to your Metamask/Trust Wallet. After you finish saving/importing the wallet credentials, delete the message from the bot and it will not display this information again.

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