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Is the bot free of charge? Why isn't there a token? Why are there transaction fees?

The Atlantean Bot charges a $1 fee for each successful transaction, whether executed manually or automatically. We currently chose not to introduce a token because many projects with tokens often turn out to be scams, executing rug-pulls and leaving their customers stranded. We do not provide ourselves an escape route like a token. Our goal is to establish a growing ecosystem built on honesty, driven by transactions and users. Therefore, all our revenues are based on per-transaction fees and traffic. This model pushes us to attract the most users and ensures we provide the best service possible. The $1 fee also covers our costs associated with bot interactions.

Are there tutorials available for the bot?

While this documentation provides comprehensive information on utilizing the bot, we also offer YouTube tutorials for a more hands-on approach to understanding its functions. If you have specific inquiries, feel free to reach out to the Atlantean Community on Telegram.

Can I go in debt?

No, you cannot go into debt. Your potential loss is limited to the collateral you've staked. If your position deteriorates to a point of liquidation, you risk losing the entirety of your collateral. Otherwise, any returns, either gains or losses, will be based on your investment. Always ensure you're not staking more than you're willing to lose. Utilizing features like Stop Losses and Take Profits can help you maintain control over when your position closes.

Does taking profit result in the closure of my position?

Currently, yes. In order to take profit, your position needs to be closed. We have plans to introduce partial order closure in the future.

Are there any examples for opening positions?

Yes, you can see our examples in Positions page. Additionally, we encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel for detailed tutorials. However, please note that to use this bot, an understanding of Perpetual Trading and leverage is essential. Users will be prompted to confirm this knowledge when initiating use of the bot.

I've closed my trade but can't locate it in trade history. Why?

Your trade history is always accessible on the blockchain and should be visible there. If you face any discrepancies, please get in touch with our support.

Is it necessary to modify all the bot settings?

No, it's not mandatory. The default or disabled settings work just fine. However, personalizing the bot via these settings can result in a more tailored and potentially lucrative trading experience.

My wallet is not connected to Telegram bot anymore, why?

If your wallet in telegram remains inactive for 30 days, you will need to select recover wallet option to use the wallet again. Moreover, due to potential changes in our system, there might be instances where you need to perform recover wallet option.

I can't open position, I receive "Transaction failed: Insufficient margin" message, why?

We are using Synthetix, therefore, you need a minimum margin of 40 sUSD to open a position, irrespective of leverage. Positions cannot be opened if your trading pair's margin deposit is under 40 sUSD. If the problem still continues, contact us through Contact Support

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