๐Ÿ”—Copy Trade

The Copy trade feature empowers users to mirror the buying and selling activities of monitored wallets with exceptional speed.

With Atlantean Trading Bot, you have the capability to instantly replicate the buy and sell actions for one wallet, while premium users can mirror up to 10 wallets.

Several factors determine the efficiency of the Copytrade feature. Upon detecting a transaction in the corresponding trading pair within the target account, we promptly initiate our corresponding "copy" transaction.

  1. Initiate the Trade: Kickstart your trading journey by either typing /trade or selecting it from the menu.

  2. Choose Your Perp Trading Pair: Once in the trade interface, you'll be prompted to select your desired perp trading pair.

  3. Engage Copy Trade: Within the subsequent menu, select the 'Copy Trade' option. This will allow you to specify the 'copy trade target' โ€” essentially the wallet address you wish to mirror.

  4. Seamless Transaction Replication: With the target wallet set, any transaction they initiate will be automatically mirrored by your account. The brilliance of this feature lies in its proportional balance system. For instance, if the target wallet, with a balance of $10,000, initiates a position with $1,000 and you possess a total balance of $1,000, your mirrored position will be $100. This ensures that trading actions remain consistent relative to your account balance.

With our platform, users have the unique opportunity to engage in copy trading from two major decentralized exchanges: Synthetix and GMX.

  • Synthetix (Set SNX Target Account): Synthetix is the liquidity layer of DeFi, providing liquidity for permissionless derivatives such as perpetual futures, options, and more across EVM chains. The Synthetix ecosystem includes derivatives exchanges like Kwenta and Polynomial. If a user selects to copy trade from a Synthetix target account, trades made by the followed account on platforms like Kwenta, Polynomial, or our app will be copy traded. Explore the Synthetix Ecosystem.

  • GMX (Set GMX Target Account): GMX is a decentralized perpetual exchange that allows users to trade top cryptocurrencies with up to 50x leverage directly from their wallets. When a user chooses to copy trade from a GMX target account, any trade made by the followed account on GMX will be replicated in the user's account. Learn more about GMX.

It's essential to understand that the distinction is not strictly between "this SNX account" and "this GMX account." Instead, it's about which platform you're choosing to follow the wallet on. Some wallets might engage in trading on both Synthetix and GMX platforms. Therefore, if you're following a wallet via Synthetix, you'll only copy trades made on Synthetix, and similarly for GMX.

Currently, the fee for our trading bot is set at $1 for each transaction (including the copy trades). This may change in the future.

We've prepared a guide on how to find copy trade addresses from Synthetix, Kwenta, GMX, and Polynomial using their winner leaderboards on Medium. Check it through this link.

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