๐Ÿ’ฐDeposit/Withdraw Margin

Managing Margin in Atlantean Trading

Depositing Margin and Starting To Trade

After depositing funds to your wallet and completing the sUSD swap, the next step is to select your desired Trading Pair for trading. Once that's chosen, you'll need to set aside a specific amount as margin. Think of this margin as the 'stake' you're putting down for that particular trade. It's akin to the isolated trading mode many platforms offer, where your exposure is limited to the margin you've deposited.

For instance, let's say your wallet balance is 5000 sUSD. After choosing a Trading Pair like BTCPerp, you decide to deposit a margin of 1000 sUSD. This means the position you can open for BTCPerp will be 1000 sUSD until you deposit more or less.

Keep in mind that you can always open positions with low leverage (e.g., 0.08x) and increase the leverage when you feel more comfortable, rather than depositing and withdrawing margin for every position from the trading pair. Additionally, you can partially close your position by opening one in the opposite direction with less leverage than your initial position. You can view your positions through the "Check Positions" option.

A significant advantage of this deposit method is that it offers protection against potential losses for other trading pairs. In the unfortunate event that one of your trades is liquidated, only the margin allocated for that specific trading pair will be at risk.

We are using Synthetix, therefore, you need a minimum margin of 40 sUSD to open a position, irrespective of leverage. Positions cannot be opened if your trading pair's margin deposit is under 40 sUSD.

Withdrawing Margin and Shifting Trades

But what if you've had a successful trade and wish to shift your focus to another Trading Pair? That's where the 'Withdraw Margin' feature comes into play. Using our earlier example, imagine you've profited 500 sUSD from a trade in BTCPerp. If you intend to trade on ETHPerp using this profit, you'd first select 'Withdraw Margin', input the 500 sUSD amount, and then transfer this sum back to your wallet.

Continuing the example, head over to the /trade option, select ETHPerp, and deposit the 500 sUSD as margin. This action ensures you're now ready to trade on ETHPerp with the newly deposited 500 sUSD.

Remember that you can always check your available margin from the menu.

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